Free shipping on orders over $200 to Canada and United States.

Free shipping on orders over $200 to Canada and United States.

Paseo {Children's Leather Boots}

Paseo in Spanish means a walk or a stroll but can also mean an outing or excursion, and that’s exactly what we imagine your little ones doing in our Paseo boots- adventuring! These handmade leather boots for kids are lightweight, comfortable, and feature a timeless unisex design. Whether it is exploring outside in the crisp fresh air, or a celebration that calls for a dressier outfit, these boots are perfect for any adventure your little one takes them on.

Please note:

Shoes are your hardest working accessory and scuffing and wear are inevitable -especially for children’s shoes! Don’t forget to add our favorite leather care products to your cart to restore your leather and keep it looking great. You can find them here.

- These handmade leather boots for children are made in Nicaragua by our head cobbler Marvin and his skilled team.

- Our soles are flexible, lightweight and guaranteed durable making them perfect for both new and experienced walkers.

- Our shoes are made using high quality, 100% full grain vegetable tanned leather that is custom made for Adelisa & Co. You can read more about our leather and how to care for it here.

*Please note that no two leather hides are exactly the same, therefore slight variations in leather tone and finish are considered normal. Some hides will naturally be lighter or darker and each will present different unique markings. Because this item is handcrafted, slight variations in detail are also considered normal. 

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